One of the most studied things on the planet, proclaimed by the World Scientific Organization for Mineral of the 20th Century, due to its many qualities and growing use in the health, food,  space and military industries ! 

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Study of zeolite and how to use it:

Zeolite is a mineral, not a food supplement. Information on properties and recommended use is taken from mineralogists, public media, scientific reports. The data in this site is  for informational purposes only. Check with your doctor before taking any form of alternative treatment.

Possible use of zeolite stones: 1 oz of zeolite is poured into 5 liters of water (or following the given ratio in smaller bottles). The water should be clean - distilled, mineral, spring - only not chlorinated by the tap! The stones have to stay for at least 8 hours to soak the water with their curative properties, and then they can drink. There are no limits to the amount of water to drink. You can only drink clinoptilolite water, you can drink it in combination with the clinoptilolite. It is advisable to increase the usual water intake. If you typically drink one and a half water per day, drink at least 2 liters after you start using clinoptilolite. Once the water is drunk in the tube, just replenish with fresh water, it is not necessary to remove the stones. The healing properties of the stones are kept for up to three months,

Clinoptilolite is considered to be completely safe and non-toxic for oral administration to humans and animals. This includes babies, children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Clinoptilolite is a porous mineral composed mainly of aluminum, silicon and oxygen. It is a powerful adsorbent. On the microscopic level, it can be seen that its skeleton has a honeycomb structure with a highly porous and extensive reactive surface of 450 square meters per gram. It is this structure that gives the clinoptilolite unique properties. The electrically charged surface enables the mineral clinoptilolite to attract and retain cations from the environment in which it is located and in turn to separate others. Placed in an aquatic environment, clinoptilolite eliminates all harmful substances, including radioactive contamination. It has a strong impact on the human body. 

Health Effects:

1. Silic antioxidant. During the first month of its use, 3-4 kg of "dead weight" is removed, due to the waste of the slag from the body. Clinoptilolite is the most powerful detoxifying agent that helps the body protect against free radicals

2. Capture and remove from the body nitrosamines / carcinogenic substances that are formed by food preservation, frying, smoking or using nitrate salt /

3. Has absorption properties of radioactive elements such as Cesium 134 and Cesium 137, strontium as well as heavy metals / mercury, cadmium, lead, zinc, chromium /

4. Connects and eliminates ammonia from the cells.

5. Eliminates lactic acid from muscles and improves muscle tone (suitable for use in athletes for rapid recovery).

Reduces the risk of developing cancer cells.

7. Stabilizes the acid-base balance . This is extremely important for general strengthening, because most people live in a state of unnecessary acidity, caused mostly by poor or inadequate nutrition. Helps the body regulate its biochemical balance. Improves the absorption of other nutrients from the body.

8. Cleanse kidneys and bile from grit.

9. The only mineral that helps with abundant sweating caused by nervous problems: (150 g of clinoptilolite water is mixed with 50 g of apple vinegar or lemon juice and the mixture is drunk at least three times a day before eating, slightly warmed).

10.Enormalizes blood pressure, eliminates insomnia, sweating, tension. People who use clinoptilolite are not aware of diseases such as cancer, ulcers, gastritis, colitis, cardiovascular and nervous system problems.

11. Decreases symptoms of allergies. Capture some of the allergens and antigens that cause allergies, migraines, asthma.

12. Stabilizes the function of the immune system, providing it with perfect protection in the fight against various diseases. It has a broad antivirus spectrum. Clinoptilolite does not directly boost the immune system but allows it to function optimally by removing toxins, viruses, yeasts, bacteria and fungi that can suppress immune function and hormone production. Many people report a feeling of increased energy, clarity of consciousness and vitality.

13. For the treatment of urinary tract infections and dental plaque.

14. The use of clinoptilolite internally and in the form of a powder shows excellent results in the treatment of skin irritations, acne, psoriasis and any type of wounds.

15. Supports liver detoxification processes by reducing its toxicity.

16. Improves the immunity and resistance of the body to stress.

17. Stimulates intestinal peristalsis , thus contributing to overall health.

18. Supports the removal of free radicals from the body.

19. By acting as a sorbent and cleansing the cells of the body, it helps to establish and maintain health on the cellular level.

20. Helps to maintain the strength of cell membranes, thereby reducing the potential for malignant tumor formation.

It has a beneficial effect on the digestive process, toxin release and normalization of mineral metabolism in the body, blood biochemical parameters, strengthens the immune system, promotes potency and endurance, effective in allergies, alcohol and food abuse, adjusts excess weight, increases hemoglobin, in wounds, burns, skin and cosmetic problems, removes cellulite, an effective anti-fungal agent, transports blood sugar in the cells without the help of insulin. 
Drug Interactions: Combines well with all medicines used to treat these diseases.

There are no contraindications, age restrictions or side effects. During the first few days after initiation of administration, it is possible to migrate the gingival and kidney glands to pain or discomfort in this area, but they soon resolve. An unwanted side effect is dehydration. If you are taking clinoptilolite powder, you need to swallow enough fluids - at least 2 - 2.5 liters of water - to facilitate the circulation of crystalline structures and the cleansing of slags.

An article in the Standard Magazine for the Rhodope Miracle!

Under EU law, the status of this natural mineral is currently not a food supplement, it is not a medicine or a medication.